Orphaned Land: Neues Album im Track-by-Track-Video

Orphaned Land - Hirsch Nuernberg - 29-09-2013_18Am 25. Juni erscheint das neue Album “All is one” von Orphaned Land. Vorab stellen die israelischen Metaller alle Songs im nachfolgenden Track-by-Track-Video in ihren eigenen Worten vor. Ein Auszug von Sänger Kobi Farhi über “All is one”: “We felt that we’ve done very complex albums in the past, we’ve proven that we know how to be the most complex band in the world if we want. But this time we had the feeling that, coming from a very complex region, it’s time to make an album that would be fun to do and fun for the fans to hear. A lot of the songs are very sad and tragic, but it’s a little easier to digest the messages in the lyrics. We wanted to make an album that’s easy for any metal fan to understand the lyrics from the very first listen.”


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