Dr. Woo’s Rock’n’Roll Circus – Pyraser Classic Rock Night 2018

Dr. Woo’s Rock’n’Roll Circus bei der 10. Pyraser Classic Rock Night am 28. Juli 2018 in der Landbrauerei Pyras. German bastard rock mash-up specialists Dr. Woo’s Rock’n’Roll Circus at 10th Pyraser Classic Rock Night at Landbrauerei Pyras on July 28 2018.

Michael Schenkers’s Temple of Rock – Pyras Classic Rock Night 2014

Michael Schenkers’s Temple of Rock bei der Pyraser Classic Rock Night in Pyras am 9. August 2014.   Michael Schenkers’s Temple of Rock with former Scorpions musicians Michael Schenker, Francis Buchholz and Hermann Rarebell at the Pyraser Classic Rock Night in Pyras on August 9 2014.     [/pb_lay_raw]